Today, I realize the most important thing of my life, which makes me totally different from anyone else. In SST, I have realize my skills and potential that not many people have.

I am a musician. Not any ordinary musician, but a gifted and special one. I had always liked music, as it sets me in peace and the whole atmosphere still. Yet, I never worked hard for anything which seems to be my only weakness. But I have a good ear, not to other subjects but towards music only. I have seem to have amnesia, though I have no medical conditions. I can never remember anything, topics, facts, due dates, and worse still homework. This makes me look useless in some peoples' eye, while others think that it is just a bad habit that can be cured. But this, trying to remember anything I have tried for years and no good came. That is why I have came to a decision to reflect on myself and a question; "What on earth am I here for?"

But still, every disadvantage is an advantage. It is just the matter of how you treat it as. This amnesia has helped me in forgiving my enemies, which I don't really have and to forget about all the stress that I am under. This cheerful and jovial side of me relieve everything that bothers me - Stress, disputes, hatred and problems.

I am also an entrepreneur. I have tons of ideas flowing through my mind at any point of time. I will get bored easily and tear apart my stationary and other household items to build models of my ideas or innovation. I have great potential in presenting ideas and selling my 'product' too.

But in the end, I found out the most important reason why I am here. I am here to help the depressed and the hurt. I am here to help those who are rejected and left alone. I am here on a mission to serve...

Summer is here... Wait... What. Its over. Forever. I seemed to have hibernate past July.

Strange... but true. True... but strange.

Well, back to square one.


I am simply bored.
Half the year is over and nothing exciting ever happened.
Well, I might be starting on some magic myself, wonder how that can be applied...

This is a simple poem I have made

Roses are pink,

Violets are blue.
I ran out of ink,
so, goodbye to you.

Lonely and melancholic, is all I feel,
Like a orange being slowly peeled.
Adding figures, formulas and the symbol Phi
To find the secret of yours truly, I.

What that is keeping the globe spinning is the people who perform reckless and risky moves.

To have a ideal life, one must have the empowerment to lead the world, but not a pile of useless pieces of metal or to simply say robots. Nobody is perfect and every one is special and unique in a way. Hence, no one should be controlled that whatever they do is incorrect. The ideal life has no restrictions, and leads people to where they belong, but in the whole, you control the path that you choose. Simultaneously, distractions will drag you away from the path that you take.

To have a great team, one should be responsible for what that is done and should take initiative to lead. Mistakes are made but we can correct it for that is called reflection. You never fail when you make a mistake, but only fail when you give up or dare not to try. Freedom is a gift that we all have in our hands. Not making use of it will have a price to pay.

Everyone is animated, but not dead which not many will understand.

Here are some of the conjunctions learnt

Co-ordinating conjunctions
But- He is smart but selfish.

Subordinating conjunctions
While- While he was attending to the customers, I went to get some refreshments.
Because- He was called for further investigation as he was acting suspiciously during the crime.

I have chosen the excerpt "The Last Lecture".

This excerpt shows the life of a lecturer, Randy Pausch with only a short lifespan of a few months left. Randy stays optimistic and is looking on how he can spend the time he has left. He thinks positively and uses his limited time and does not lose hope and stay resilient in achieving his goals. Making a comparison, I have never valued my life. Nothing satisfies me and I have no faith and hope of accomplishing my task. When I receive a bad result for my assignment, I have no courage to stand upright and go on with it. Randy, on the other hand, despite having little time left, says that "Maybe I'd be among the lucky ones who'd survive." and takes the chance to perform saying " An injured lion still wants to roar".

I admire Randy's optimistic thinking and I intend to start anew and learn from Randy's thinking and self-esteem.

To you, my school.

This is your day, and you just need to say,
each word from your mouth, will make it our day.

This is your time, every moment you spent,
will be in the book, when you have a rent.

The time we had spent it just seem so short,
but in years to come, you won't be at fault.

The end of this poem, is ready to come,
so when you hear the cue, we wish......
Happy birthday to you!

Liau Zheng En

For a start, this is a post of people's or companies' success and failures and even unexpected success that I experienced.

Unexpected success: Yahoo, Creative, Cornflakes
Unexpected failures: Emporium, $1.99

For the unexpected success, it was a music competition held during 2008. The competitors were awesome and seemed so graceful when they played their piece. For the unexpected failure, it was my first model and sculpture of my metallic dragon. Material is scares and the model was disintegrated over time.

That is then the end of what I have to say.

This is a brief summary of my 12 years of life and memorable events.

This is a brief summary of my life through this whole 12 years.

View Hong Kong traveling tour in a larger map

This is an image of the places around Hong Kong.

In my opinion, the school value explains that we should go beyond our boundaries, and expand our knowledge by going deeper in understanding. I think that as a pioneer student of SST, it is important that we should remember our school values as it will help us in our work through applied learning and becoming the leaders of the world.,,, http:/, http:/,, , ,, .

I would choose http:/ as it provides information, education, learning and fun through searches, games, and lots more.

Based on today's activity, I think, as a group we did quite well as we had never met each other before. Although we have completed the objectives of the activity, we did not really work together and have not much of collaboration and teamwork. In my opinion, I can do better to work with my new classmates.

Apart from giving suggested routes to your destination, Google Maps provides the total distance of the journey, time taken, images of the road traveling and exact directions to your destination.

To me, the information provided by Google Maps is very useful for tourists and people who are not familiar with their destinations. The total distance and time will help people to know approximately when to leave for their destination. The images and directions will help people to get a more accurate direction.

In creating this blog, I have learned to apply simple things in life to learning by doing. To me, blogging can be used to communicate with people and sometimes to be updated of recent news.

This is a picture of the sky in Hong Kong. I have chosen this image to represent that I was overwhelmed with joy and had no limits, unlimited dreams and no boundaries that could ever stop me in SST.

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