What that is keeping the globe spinning is the people who perform reckless and risky moves.

To have a ideal life, one must have the empowerment to lead the world, but not a pile of useless pieces of metal or to simply say robots. Nobody is perfect and every one is special and unique in a way. Hence, no one should be controlled that whatever they do is incorrect. The ideal life has no restrictions, and leads people to where they belong, but in the whole, you control the path that you choose. Simultaneously, distractions will drag you away from the path that you take.

To have a great team, one should be responsible for what that is done and should take initiative to lead. Mistakes are made but we can correct it for that is called reflection. You never fail when you make a mistake, but only fail when you give up or dare not to try. Freedom is a gift that we all have in our hands. Not making use of it will have a price to pay.

Everyone is animated, but not dead which not many will understand.


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