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This is an image of the places around Hong Kong.

In my opinion, the school value explains that we should go beyond our boundaries, and expand our knowledge by going deeper in understanding. I think that as a pioneer student of SST, it is important that we should remember our school values as it will help us in our work through applied learning and becoming the leaders of the world.,,, http:/, http:/,, , ,, .

I would choose http:/ as it provides information, education, learning and fun through searches, games, and lots more.

Based on today's activity, I think, as a group we did quite well as we had never met each other before. Although we have completed the objectives of the activity, we did not really work together and have not much of collaboration and teamwork. In my opinion, I can do better to work with my new classmates.

Apart from giving suggested routes to your destination, Google Maps provides the total distance of the journey, time taken, images of the road traveling and exact directions to your destination.

To me, the information provided by Google Maps is very useful for tourists and people who are not familiar with their destinations. The total distance and time will help people to know approximately when to leave for their destination. The images and directions will help people to get a more accurate direction.

In creating this blog, I have learned to apply simple things in life to learning by doing. To me, blogging can be used to communicate with people and sometimes to be updated of recent news.

This is a picture of the sky in Hong Kong. I have chosen this image to represent that I was overwhelmed with joy and had no limits, unlimited dreams and no boundaries that could ever stop me in SST.

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