I have chosen the excerpt "The Last Lecture".

This excerpt shows the life of a lecturer, Randy Pausch with only a short lifespan of a few months left. Randy stays optimistic and is looking on how he can spend the time he has left. He thinks positively and uses his limited time and does not lose hope and stay resilient in achieving his goals. Making a comparison, I have never valued my life. Nothing satisfies me and I have no faith and hope of accomplishing my task. When I receive a bad result for my assignment, I have no courage to stand upright and go on with it. Randy, on the other hand, despite having little time left, says that "Maybe I'd be among the lucky ones who'd survive." and takes the chance to perform saying " An injured lion still wants to roar".

I admire Randy's optimistic thinking and I intend to start anew and learn from Randy's thinking and self-esteem.

To you, my school.

This is your day, and you just need to say,
each word from your mouth, will make it our day.

This is your time, every moment you spent,
will be in the book, when you have a rent.

The time we had spent it just seem so short,
but in years to come, you won't be at fault.

The end of this poem, is ready to come,
so when you hear the cue, we wish......
Happy birthday to you!

Liau Zheng En

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